Bearing in mind the subject field, the reader may be interested to have details regarding the production of this thesis. 'The text was prepared using 'Chiwnter' a 'scientific' word-processing package running on an IBM PC-compatible running Sun Microsystems PC-NFS (Network File System) over an Ethernet network in conjunction with the Physics department Gould minicomputer. Some use was also made of the vi text editor running on the latter machine, under BSD 4.2 Unix - this was the main development environment for the automatic recognition system, as mentioned in chapter 6. The SCORE desktop music publishing package was used to produce the music examples in chapter 2 and, where stated, in chapter 5. Text output and illustrations other than SCORE output (and reproductions of published music) were produced on an Epson GQ-3500, 300 d.p.i. laser printer, whilst the SCORE examples were printed on a QMS PS-810 Postscript laser printer.