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Composer/arranger and three-time GrammyTM Award winning record producer Steve Barnett says:

"No one notation book out there covers every circumstance or problem--and many of them disagree with each other. I have been composing and arranging for many years and I'm still learning.

I think one of the best websites out there--a veritable one-stop shopping for all of the standard (and some non-standard) notation books, orchestration and composition books, Dover Scores, selected CDs, and is run for the benefit of musicians by Dr. Nick Carter, who has his doctorate in music (you can even read his doctoral thesis online), is

If you have a question or a problem, Dr. Nick answers all of his e-mail personally.

I have no relationship with Dr. Nick and NPC Imaging, other than to continually thank him for making these music materials available. Check out the website and the "bookstore" page

Best wishes, Steve

Steve Barnett, Composer/Arranger/Producer, Barnett Music Productions"
Regarding our Ross/Stiller mini CD-ROMs + Powell book bundle
I got what I consider a great deal through NPC that includes the Ted Ross book and Andrew Stillers instrumentation book on mini CDs. Less than $80 for all..
M. R., Florida.
For those of you that are interested, you can get a copy [of Powell] from npc imaging (, a company that focuses on hard to find titles, such as this one. Nick Carter continues to do a great job providing us with books and publication and his online store is a great service to anyone working on our little specialty domain of music notation... He is the only source I know of for a number of books, including Ted Ross' 'The Art of Music Engraving and Processing'.
W. W., California.
Regarding The Art of Music Engraving CD-ROM/book
...getting hold of items like the Ted Ross book in the UK is VERY difficult and you provide an invaluable service! Thanks again.
I. C., England.
Just a quick note to say that I received the two CD's and the Ross and Powell books on Monday morning. Thank you very much for your helpful and very quick service. Both books are superb and I am looking forward to receiving the Stiller book as well. Should I have any future requirements for these sort of books I will certainly revisit your website, and recommend you to my friends and colleagues.
R. N., England.
It's a great book, and once again (as with the Stiller book) you've done a great job of rendering it on CD-ROM.
C. B., Scotland.
WOW! You are getting some fantastic works brought to our profession! What a wonderful service, Nick! Thank you! [...] I would encourage anybody who does not already have the Ross book (and even those, like me, who do but would like to have it convenient on a notebook computer for traveling purposes, or for having heavyweight reference work support when we try to talk some clients out of some stupid notational device they insist on including in their music) to purchase this fine work!
D. B., New Hampshire.
Regarding Handbook of Instrumentation CD-ROM/book
I bought the Stiller Handbook of Instrumentation from you in May and find it completely invaluable.
S. R., England.
...extremely convenient for people working at the computer... I can't stress enough how helpful this book and/or CDrom is for people unfamiliar with all the instruments... Purchase Andrew Stiller's book and know you will be getting ACCURATE information!... For my money, books such as Andrew Stiller's Handbook of Instrumentation, which gives information on the technical aspects of the different instruments and lets the composer/arranger find their own way regarding actual orchestration are much better books to have, as they don't force the reader down any certain path of orchestrational beliefs.
D. B., New Hampshire.
...what I have looked at I have found very impressive - my congratulations both to Andrew and yourself on the CD-ROM.
C. B., Scotland.
I've been suggesting for years that Andrew put out his book in this format. Truly marvellous that it has actually happened.
P. A., Canada.
An invaluable resource. Details everything but the kitchen sink.
C. N., California.
Overall, this is a very worthwhile and recommended publication.
P. S., Illinois.
Regarding npc Imaging's web site & service
I... recently ordered the Coachme discs for the part of Figaro. I must say how impressed I am with the speed of your service, and the help they have given me...
N. B., England.
Thanks for the great service.
J. W., Massachusetts.
Many thanks for the excellent service!
D. C., France.
Your delivery times are quite amazing. Well done.
P. C., Australia.
Thank you once again and congratulations once more on your excellent service.
N. F., Australia.
Outstanding! Even with the time difference, I know you stayed up late to make those changes to the shopping cart--many thanks for all your help. :-D I've already placed my order and look forward to seeing them... Thanks again for going above and beyond the call of duty.
Y. D., Florida.
You are the best. The best selection at great prices--and fast shipping! I have sent many friends to you, and they are as astounded as I was when I first found you, that you are a one stop shopping place for notation as well as many other things musical. I sincerely hope that you will be able continue your great company and service even during these challenging times. I will try to do my part to continue buying from you and sending customers your way.
S. B., Minnesota.
I visited your website today. Very impressive!
T. B., Pennsylvania.

I've ordered for the very first time from you yesterday afternoon, and much to my surprise I got a remarkably well packaged delivery to my office TODAY (!). Pretty amazing, considering this was a normal Priority Mail shipment (of course, I am in Irvine, 45min. from San Diego, but still..).

The price was excellent, service and promptness top notch, and many of the products you list could not be found anywhere else. I wish I had known about your site _before_ buying dozens of study scores at much higher prices from other sources!

If you keep up the good work as you have thus far, you'll have many more happy anniversaries like this one! :)

A. P., California.
I found your website via a friend's recommendation. What a wonderful and eclectic selection of books and software for the professional (and amateur) musician.
S. B., Minnesota.
What a service - CD's received yesterday... Thanks
R. M., Australia.
Thanks so much and great site!
M. B., New York.
Thanks again - your site is great - and your order system is one of the easiest I've encountered.
R. M., Australia.
I've just submitted my online order for the Gamble "Music Engraving" reprint, *plus* your 5-book-bundle... what a deal!... your web-site and online ordering features work great... keep up the good work & design... Bravo!
L. R., Colorado.
I love your site. A great resource.
S. F., Illinois.
Thanks for such quick service. This was my first order with NPC, but I'm sure it won't be my last.
K. K., Massachusetts.
Nick Carter has a fantastic web-site, where I purchased the Kurt Stone book. Try there:
D. B., New Hampshire.
...[My order] was delivered to me in London yesterday. Good going.
G. R., England.
...thank[s] for the great service, and for the great software. I hope to be doing more business with you in the future.
G. R., Israel.
Beautiful!! Many thanks! See again!
G. D., Italy. pays to deal with a retailer who will take care of you. I definitely recommend NPC.
C. P., Indiana.
The Stone book arrived safely. Thank you very much for making it available.
A. N., Massachusetts.
Thanks, Nick, it looks great. Much appreciated.
D. B-K., Vermont.
Thanks so much, Nick!
J. W., New York.
Thank you so much for providing this excellent service.
M. D. P., Texas.
Regarding SCORSCAN can try using scorscanV1.2 it is the best as far as I know. It is good if you do not do complicated music and the original that you scan from must be good.
C. S. T., Singapore.
In my experience of ScorScan, the project for which I bought it, a very simple [but VERY extended] 4-part Renaissance Passion setting, it worked like a charm, very little garbage and few points needing editing which couldn't be handled automatically.
P. B., Hong Kong.
I have found the programme to be quite useful, as long as the original is pretty good... I'm looking forward to 1.3!
A. M., Australia.
I wish M****soft could be this responsive!
P. T., England.