Name Company Location Software Other Information
Tessaro Valentino Valentino, Tessaro Western Europe Finale Mac Gregorian, early, classical and modern music. Based in Italy.
Richard Viglucci Viglucci, Richard Eastern USA Finale 2003 PC I specialize in creating professional looking published music from manuscript. I create everything from full Orchestral/Band/Jazz scores to chamber ensemble and solo music. I can create music in any of your specifications, (i.e. paper size, fonts, Crumb like scores, etc.), also I can send back the finished product in Adobe Acrobat format so you can print as many copies as you like or I can send you printed copies of the music along with the Adobe files. I work fast and cheap. Price depends on length of work, paper size/number of copies, and number of instruments used in the piece. Located in Albany, NY.
Philippe Vignon PHILIPPE VIGNON MUSIQUE Western Europe Finale 2006 PC DRUM, BAND, PIANO, LESSONS, COMPLETE METHODS. Located in France.
Scott T. Smallwood Visible Music Typesetting Services Eastern USA Finale MAC Visible offers full copying and score preparation services. With more than 7 years of experience, we can create computerized copies of your score to your exact specifications quickly and cost effectively.
Vjekoslav Svilovic Vjekoslav Svilovic Eastern Europe Finale PC Specialty: classical, orchestral notation, choral music, pop ...5 years experience. Clients: churches, military, bands, music festivals, music association.