Name Company Location Software Other Information
Christopher P. Powers St. Norbert College Midwest USA Finale 2002 PC I have been a musician all my life and am well versed in all transpositions, etc. Finale and I have been companions for about 8 years. If you want timely job completion, send your score my way!
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Jason Salazar Salazar, Jason Midwest USA Finale, PC/MAC I specialize in orchestral and vocal scores specifically for churches. I have done work for many churches in many different styles. Samples and references available upon request. Very competitive rates! Located in Springfield, MO.
Ross Salomon Salomon, Ross Australasia Sibelius, PC Using state of the art software, I specialise in copying, arranging and typsetting (or engraving) music for orchestras, choirs, keyboard (including piano and organ), concert & stage bands and churches. Services include transposition and part extraction as well as preparing graphics that are ready for publishers and printers. Certified member of the Music Arranger's Guild of Australia Inc. Also skilled as a performer of music. Very reasonable rates and quick turn-around. Scores can be coverted from Finale and Score files. Located at 11/51 Station Rd, BETHANIA QLD 4205 AUSTRALIA.
Sam Endo Sam Rose Productions Eastern USA Score Also use Encore PC Email me for a Brochure of my services.
Meegan Samantha Coleman Sammoroo Publications Eastern USA Finale 2005, PC/MAC Very affordable and personal service. I work with you in creating and presenting your piece for all ensembles and genres. As a former public school choral director and active accompanist and studio singer, I specialize in anything piano, choral and vocal. I have worked extensively with string and brass ensembles and 21st century pieces. Your wish is my command for clean, efficient and beautiful engraving delivered ahead of time. Located on Long Island, N.Y.
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Stuart Warren Sandpiper Music Western Europe Finale MAC Also use Encore PC Email me for a Brochure of my services.
Cath Dinnie Sapphire Music Services Australia Finale 2000 PC Member of The Music Arrangers Guild of Australia. New business looking for the chance to learn and excel. Experience in writing for woodwind, brass and percussion, Concert Band genre and keen to expand knowledge in all areas. Located in Brisbane, Australia.
Mike Springer Sapphire Records Western USA Finale98 & Encore PC Mike Springer specializes in piano transciption and lead sheets. He is known for his fast turnaround and high quality service. Mike has been transcribing for 16 years and has worked with Finale for the past 6 years and Encore for the past 4 years. In addition to transcription, Mike is a published composer and arranger and will be happy to make an arrangement of your original piece for you.
Paul Sarcich Sarcich, Paul Western Europe Score & Sibelius, PC Percussionist, composer, music educator who has also worked as professional typesetter on Schott, Hansen, B&H, Music Sales et. al. scores. Contemporary music a specialty. Works on freelance basis, either privately or for companies. Located in London.
Dinu Savu Savu, Dinu Eastern Europe SCORE Over the last five years, during a collaboration with a Publishing House from Austria, I have perfected my work with the Score Program. In this time I have edited all types of scores, from classical to contemporary music (full scores, instrumental parts, choral music, small ensemble scores etc.). I should like to expand my activity in this field. I am a composer, pianist and assistant at the Music University of Bucharest, Romania.
Martin Schacher Schacher, Martin Western Europe Finale PC Also Encore scores.
Nico Schliemann Schliemann, Nico Western Europe Finale 2002 PC Mac from September 2002 on.
Ian Honeyman Schlossberg Music Eastern USA Finale PC Peabody Conservatory student, low rates, great finished look.
W. Schorn Schorn Western Europe Score Scores, piano reductions, arrangements, transpositions, any kind of graphical notation, MIDI notation, books with complete design & layout... Data comes as printout, eps, pdf or anything else by mail or via the internet. Specialised in non-Latin typesetting (Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese etc.) Also using Finale, Sibelius, Graphire on demand. Tel. 049 221 1391294.
Stig Christensen SC Musik Western Europe Finale PC Teach and supports FINALE in Denmark.
Jeremy Polk Score It! Western USA Finale PC Converting hand-written or pre-printed scores needing restoration into custom, tailored, beautiful printed scores.
Steven L. Huyser Scribes of Note Central USA Finale PC We specialize in Choral, Orchestral, Jewish and Large format scores. Low rates but high quality service. Also produce choral rehearsal tapes and other rehearsal aids. 25 years of musical service. Located in Kansas City, MO.
Brian Benison Scriptorium Music Preparation Services Western USA Finale MAC Specializing in film and theater music. See the web site for details!
Tom Senff Senff, Tom Midwestern USA Finale MAC I confine myself only to jazz oriented music, doing lead sheets and large and small ensemble jazz arrangements with your choice of either the ENGRAVER or JAZZ font. Located in Lexington, KY.
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Seppo J Jarvinen Seppo J Jarvinen Western Europe Finale MAC Specializing in hymnals, gospel, church, choral and orchestral music. Computerised music engraving since 1985. Experienced music editor/arranger/composer/keyboardist.
Carl Simpson Serenissima Music, Inc. Miswestern USA Finale MAC Over 20 years experience in engraving, editing and production of classical music ranging from Renaissance choral works to contemporary scores using unconventional notation. Winner of more than 15 Paul Revere Awards from the Music Publishers Association. Serenissima Music is the copyright owner of the new edition of "The Mikado" issued under exclusive license by Dover Publications and supervised the entire project from conception to printing. Located at 205 S. Charles St., Edwardsville, IL 62025 USA.
Jacques Boisclair Services Multi-Collect Canada Finale Mac From leadsheets to big band scores, from solo parts to orchestral scores, Services Multi-Collect is your # 1 copyist choice in eastern Cananda. Located in Quebec.
Andrew Shiels Seton Music Graphics Ltd Western Europe Multiple Specialist work includes guitar tab and third level texts incorporating music & text. Variety of music software used on Macs and page make up in Quark.
Shelley Huston Shelley Huston, MusiCopyist Eastern USA Finale MAC -
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Steven Sherrill Sherrill, Steven Eastern USA Finale MAC/PC Music copyist, orchestrator, arranger, composer with over 30 years experience. Orchestra Librarian for a major symphony orchestra over 16 years. Web site developer familiar with Mac and PC systems. Located in Atlanta, GA.
Elwyn S. Davies Sibelius in America Canada Acorn, PC Satisfied customers include Michael Tilson Thomas, Michael Torke, The Salvation Army USA and leading music publishers in North America and Europe. Located in Toronto.
Stephen Cohn Sibelius Music Engraving and Tutoring Western USA PC The site describes my services and my experience as a professional Sibelius music engraver, consultant and as a tutor for those who want to learn to use the Sibelius Program.
Richard Sigler Sigler Music Fonts Eastern USA Finale 2000, PC/Mac Specializing in engraving for any ensemble. Years of experience engraving for various ensembles in the Washington D.C. area. Also experienced fonts designer. Designed the "Jazz Font" which has become an industry standard among commercial engravers across the world.
Jason Green Signature Editions Canada Finale PC and Mac; Musitek SmartScore Whether it's choral, vocal, instrumental, orchestral or jazz, Signature makes your own compositions and arrangements look fantastic! It's a one-man show, so service is personalized, inexpensive and of the highest quality. Samples upon request. Also ask about The Signature Group's on-location or studio recording and award-winning production packages. Located in Montreal. Tel: (514) 626-8847
Dr. Chris Howard Silver Street Music Eastern USA Finale PC -
Peter Simcich Simcich Music Notation Western USA Score Music notater since 1979 - Score user since 1987.
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Cezar Vasilca SIRINX SERV Ltd Eastern Europe Finale, Sibelius, PC We are a group of young musicians graduated from Academy of Music "George Enescu" from Romania. Since 1998 we are doing music typesetting,copying,composing and arranging for Romanian publishers. We produce publication-quality scores from manuscripts or tapes, at prices beginning at $5 a page. We are doing all types of scores: classical, jazz, pop, modern, etc., including orchestral, big band, or small groups. Also,is a pleasure for us doing Transpositions, Composing and Arranging. Let us take your manuscript scores, parts, or whatever, and turn them into output that is ready to publish. We can keep in touch very easy thanks to Internet ways of communication. Feel free to email me with any questions and suggestions! GOOD LUCK AND THANK YOU FOR VISITING!
Michael Sirotta SirMuse Eastern USA Finale MAC All engraving and transcription services provided including classical (single instrument to full score), popular music, and show books. Website has downloadable 1 page sample. Email me for other examples. Located in New York.
Andrej Skender Skender Notating Eastern Europe Sibelius, Finale, PC I have a master`s degree in clarinet from the Music Academy in Zagreb. I have been intensively involved in music engraving for the past ten years so I`ve become one of the leading music engravers in Croatia. I regulary cooperate with our composer Davor Bobic and Varazdin Baroque Evenings. In 2001 the chamber orchestra of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra will be playing at Varazdin Baroque Evenings from my transcripts. I also do transcriptions and arrangements for the Varazdin clarinet quartet of which I am a first solo clarinetist. I am particularly familiar with Sibelius and Finale. Moreover, I have about 70 editions of my own. During these past 10 years I have gained great experience. Approximate cost per page is 10$ for single-line instrumental part, and 20$ for Chamber or Orchestra (parts and score).
Skip Perkins Skip Perkins Music Preparation Western USA Sibelius, Finale, SCORE, PC I've been copying music for about 30 years. I am well versed in professional music preparation for all venues. Located in Los Angeles.
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Grey Larsen Sleepy Creek Recording & Music Services Eastern USA Finale MAC Music editor of Sing Out! Magazine since 1989, freelance editing and music typography for Warner Bros. (John Mellencamp books) and numerous others. Have perfect pitch. Mus.B. Oberlin Conservatory, 1976, composition major. Special expertise in traditional.
Brian Almeter Smilin' Music Productions Eastern USA Finale PC Currently working with the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra in Washington, DC. I am updating their music archives onto FINALE. Would like to expand my capabilities to large scale works, chamber groups, or lead sheets. Offering low rates for your music!
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Ben Sommer Sommer, Ben Eastern USA Finale, Sibelius, Score, MAC & PC I have experience producing scores in Finale 2000, Sibelius, and Score for all major platforms. These include complex, large format scores, scores with non-traditional layout (aleatoric, multi-metered), and especially scores and tablature for electric guitar, bass guitar, classical/acoustic guitar, piano, and lute. In addition, I offer copywriting, editorial, and proof-reading services.
Lee Barry Song of Apollo Productions Eastern USA Finale PC Professionally trained music copyist. Worked as personal copyist for jazz and classical composer William Russo for four years, in addition to various freelance work in the Chicago area. Very flexible rates.
Dane Petersen Sonic Score Southern USA Finale MAC Located in the Dallas Texas area, Sonic Score has been an established business since February 2000. Transcriptions, lead sheets, scores and parts. 10 years music copying experience. Finale user since 1993. Current version Finale 2002. Samples available on request
Herman Rechberger SONOPTIKON OY Scandinavia Finale 2000 MAC Engraving scores, parts for orchestras, tricky chamber music, graphic scores. Compiling scores from parts, reconstructing lost parts. Arrangements, Compositions, Film Scores etc.
Gary Schwartz Sound of the Horn Publications Eastern USA Finale MAC French Horn music publishing company which provides as one of its many services computerized music engraving in any form (pop lead sheets to symphonies, rock, jazz, custom font work, volumes, etc.) Gary Schwartz (914) 528-1612 Professional work guaranteed.
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Thomas Archibold SoundQuest Western USA Finale PC I specialize in guitar scores but I'll consider any job, especially for solo instrument or small ensemble. You can get details and examples of my work at my website. Located in Arizona.
Atle Halstensen Sounds Familiar A/S Scandinavia Finale PC Composer and arranger of a broad range of music. Teaches instrumentation/arranging at the University of Bergen (Griegacademy). Experienced Finale user. Located in Norway.
Andrew Lubman Squid Inc. Eastern USA Finale MAC -
Frank Boehme Stage Music Press Western Europe Finale MAC Professional Musical Arrangements from Rhythm Section to Full Orchestra. Specialist in Theatre Arrangements
Dan Gray StarHill Enterprises Eastern USA Finale PC -
Stephen Powell Stephen Powell Music Services Western Europe Sibelius PC Stephen Powell Music Services offers a high quality score production service using the latest version of Sibelius. Engraving, part extraction, transcription, orchestration, transposition etc.. at reasonable rates. Good turnaround times with top quality attention to detail. All styles of music catered for. Please see website for more details.
Steve Key StepKey Music Eastern USA Finale PC Specializing in Transcription of Gospel Music
Mark Dal Porto Sterling Music Publishing Southern USA SCORE PC Music Engraving Services. Located in Portales, New Mexico.
Gene W. Stevens Stevens Group Eastern USA Finale MAC Specializing in full Band and full Orchestra engraving as well as choral and instrumental solo and ensemble literature. Publishers utilizing our services include Hal Leonard and Southern Music.
Stig Robertsson Stig Robertsson Western Europe Finale MAC -
Mark Stringer Stringer, Mark Western Europe Finale 98, 2000c, 2001a, PC Specialize in computer engraving classical music, especially musicological editions of all periods. Long experience as a conductor (opera, orchestral) and player (piano) gives special insight into the needs/expectations of professional orchestral players. Parts produced with care for cues, page turns, legibility at a distance in rehearsal. Can print Postscript on pages up to 466x330 mm., also on custom paper (e.g., ivory, 120gm2), staple binding on sheets (466x310 mm). I am not satisfied until I would be proud to have it on the stands for my own concerts! Phone: +41-31-964-1481. Fax: (US number): 1 (815)-366-4303. Located in Switzerland.
Wesselin Christoph Karaatanassov Studio 33 Western Europe Finale PC Contemporary music. Schott Musik International:Piano Reductions: Lorin Maazel, Peteris Vasks, Ingomar Gruenauer, David Volker Kirchner, Amadeus Hartman etc. Donemus Amsterdam:Piano Reductions: Janine Mehrtens, Hans Henkemans, Lex van Delden etc. Lyra Verlag: Bach, Mozart, Schuman, Mendelsohn, Sofia University Edition: Books South-West University Edition: Books, Repertory Books, Methodical literature. Sky Studio - Orchestrations, Arrangements. VAN CO music studio L.A. - Orchestrations, Arrangements.
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Charlotte Faber & Dick Koomans Studio De Digitale Muze Western Europe Score We use mainly Score, but for special jobs (like in a hurry) we also use Sibelius on the Acorn (on PC in near future).
Guido Piperno Studio E.M.C. Western Europe Finale 2001, PC / MAC 15 years of experience with contemporary-classical music and many musicological works. Collaboration with Teatro dell'Opera in Rome, Accademia di S. Cecilia in Rome, Accademia nazionale dei Lincei etc. Located in Rome, Italy.
Judy McOstrich Sunhawk Corporation Western USA Other - details at right We engrave playable, printable sheet music using new SOLERO technology. Scores engraved with this technology can be delivered via the Internet, CD-ROM and Enhanced CD formats. Download our music viewer and a sample song for free to try the technology.
Andy O'Callaghan Sutton Sound Ltd. Western Europe Finale PC Recording Studio - (2 * 02R, 16-track tape, 12 track D-to-D). Musical Director - many TV shows and series. Record Producer, Arranger, thousands of arrangements from 4-piece to 60-piece. Backing Tracks, arrangements etc.
Hans Swinnen Swinnen, Hans Western Europe Finale Mac Reducing romantic opera scores for small pits and/or budgets. All kinds of arrangements. Ghostwriting. High qualified musician with nearly 40 years experience. First professional Finale user in Benelux. Located in Belgium.
Daniel Powers Swan's Wing Press Midwestern USA Finale 2000 PC Services include music typesetting, arranging, transcription. Unconventional notation welcomed! Located in W. Terre Haute IN.
Jean-Christophe MICHEL Symétrie Western Europe Finale 2011 Mac All music from ancient to contemporary. Located in Lyons, France.
John Walton Symphonic Pops c.c. Africa Finale PC We work mainly in the Pop/Jazz Orchestral medium.
Julie Simonds Symphony Australia Australasia Finale, Sibelius, PC & MAC The Symphony Australia network comprises the Adelaide, Melbourne, Queensland, Sydney, Tasmanian and West Australian Symphony Orchestras. Symphony Australia's Music Editing department is the leading music typesetting, copying, arranging and editing department in Australia. This department services the 6 network orchestras as well as many other clients. The main areas of expertise are orchestral scores and film scores. Symphony Australia, provides a range of services to the orchestras The six orchestras perform more than 700 concerts to more than one million people annually.