Name Company Location Software Other Information
Benjamin Nagari B. Nagari Western Europe Finale PC London based orchestrator. Provides what conductors and instrumentalists really need.
David Bailey The David Bailey Music Studio Eastern USA Finale, Sibelius PC Since 1990, starting with MusicPrinterPlus and then moving to Finale in 1995 and now including Sibelius in my toolbox, I have been creating publications for Falls House Press as well as for various musical groups. Located in Nashua, NH.
Liudas Motekaitis Baltic Sun Western Europe Finale PC/MAC Quality service. Please see our samples. Located in Lithuania.
Alexandre Negreiros Bam Bam Bam Productions South America Finale 2001, MAC Brazilian biggest. 10 years experience. Warner/Chappell and BMG exclusive vendor. More than 25000 pages of music engraved. Take advantage of the currency gap. The Brazilian money now worth less dollars! Make your book more profitable than ever! Fast and acurate. Try us.
Jim Barron BARRON MUSIC PRODUCTIONS Eastern USA Finale PC Music Director for Cedar Point Live Entertainment for the past twenty years - All styles of muscic including jazz, pop, choral and instrumental. Music Educators should check for customized arrangements for show choirs, jazz ensembles, etc.
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz Bathory-Kitsz, Dennis Eastern USA Finale Win Finale user since 1993, doing contemporary scores for individual clients as The Westleaf Edition and MaltedMedia. Composer, performance artist, author and editor who can offer music editing, arranging, program notes, demo recordings, and design services. Fast, accurate; work sent & received via email, FTP, postal mail. Please visit for more about me, full resume, sample scores. Located in Vermont.
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Nicole Nizet Bayard-Nizet Music Publishing Western Europe Finale MAC Full service of music engraving and typesetting. We offer a complete panel of graphic service to music publishers, composers and orchestras : engraving, part extractions, transpositions and reductions. Our team has a strong musical experience as well as extensive computer skill. We can create new music or symbol fonts. We support non-standard and contemporary notations. As music notation software, we have been using Finale since 1993, but we are familiar with Pagemaker and Illustrator. We have also published more than 150 "classical" music works by Belgian composers. Browse to our web site for more informations about our engraving and publishing services.
Kelly Beaman Beaman, Kelly Eastern USA Finale 2001 PC BM in Composition with over 10 years engraving experience. Full service music copyist, arranger and transcriber (audio or midi). Available for any project. Samples and price quotes available.
Lajos BIBO BIBO GUITAR STUDIO Eastern Europe Finale 2002b PC Over 8 years of experience with FINALE. Works saved also in PDF format. I had collaborations with SKK Clarinet Editions Germany, Happax Editions France and more... I have a large experience in Classical Guitar Score writing, also vocal-instrumental scores and parts, transposition, extrations of parts from scores, Clarinet scores and more... Please feel free to contact me via E mail for details, samples from my works and prices... I'm located in Romania - Transylvanian area.
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William J Black Bill Black Music Service Western USA Finale MAC Extensive experience doing symphonic orchestra and opera scores and parts.Clients include the Houston Symphony, Houston Grand Opera, Minnesota Opera,Boosey & Hawkes and Peer International.
Bill Tyers Bill Tyers Australasia Finale MAC Specialising in guitar music all styles standard notation and tab.
Marc Bischoff Bischoff, Marc Western Europe Finale 2001, MAC Fine, professional Latin-Jazz, Salsa Arrangements and Transcriptions. Located in Holland.
Brian Dobbelaere BJD Music Midwestern USA Finale 2002, MAC Music transcription and typesetting. With over 11 years of Finale experience, nearly any type of music can be recreated in a timely manner. Simple chorale-style settings to modern notatational conventions are creatively handled with excellent results. Non-metered and multi-temporal scores are welcome. Located in Naperville, IL.
James G. Eakin III Black&White Engraving Western USA Finale, Sibelius MAC I am currently the Composer-In-Residence with the Turtle Creek Chorale. Along with original composition, I am also willing to arrange works if a client so desires. Located in Dallas, TX.
John Blane Blane Music Preparation Western USA Finale MAC Full-time music engraving for publication and performance since 1990. Professional experience in all genres of music including full orchestra/band works, choral, jazz ensemble plus transcription and method books. Clients include Hal Leonard, Warner Bros., Disney, Kendor Music, G, Schirmer, Alfred Music, Music Theater International and many more. Please visit our website for more information.
Bob Loughrige Bob's Music Notation Service Eastern USA Finale 2001 MAC Retired high school and college music teacher with past work in all areas of music notation, band, orchestra, vocal, marching band, jazz band. Located in Lillian, AL.
Jonathan S Farley Bondle Music Western USA Finale PC Score binding also available. Located in Hampshire, UK.
Kevin E. Bonnell Bonnell Music Preparation Midwestern USA Finale 2001, PC Specializing in all genres, capable of aleatoric and other unusual notations. Very affordable, flexible rates. Engraver quality scores, ready for publisher or performance! Over seven years of Finale experience. Free estimates. E-mail for more details. Located in Monticello, Indiana.
Chris Moncelli Bonnie Music Western USA Encore (MAC) Also Finale (MAC). We offer original compositions, musical arrangements and professional music notagraphy services. I will be happy to provide samples and referances. Please contact: Chris at (618)345-7040.
Patrick Moulou Bookmakers International Western Europe Finale 2001 Mac Spécialiste du relevé simple, orchestre, note à note, tablatures et de la production clés en main de livres sur la musique (pédagogie, songbooks, livrets). Plus de 1000 références. Address: 47, rue lazare Carnot, 92140 Clamart, France.
Jeremy Borum Borum & Dad Music Enterprise Western USA Sibelius & Finale, MAC & PC I have extensive experience in both music engraving for publishers and music copying for performances or recording sessions. I'm very fast and accurate, and you can learn much more about me on my website, which is always current. Thanks for looking!
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Elizabeth Bowden GLCM Elizabeth Bowden Western Europe Sibelius 2 PC More than twenty-five years experience, twenty as a hand copyist. My associated business, NymetMusic, offers short and long run printing and internet publishing. Quality and accuracy, to your deadline, are assured. Located in Devon, U.K.
David Boyer Boyer, David H. Eastern USA Finale 2000 PC Choral, instrumental, dictation, arranging. Located in Washington, DC.
Roy E. Breiling Breiling, Roy E. Western USA Finale 2000 Mac Experienced with instrumental and choral typesetting.
Brian Cope Brian Cope Western Europe Sibelius v1.3 PC I am a music graduate from the University of Edinburgh. I have been using Sibelius software for about 6 years as both a composer and copyist. I am familiar with most contemporary styles of notation. Please contact me for a sample of my work. Located in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Mark Holbrook Brick of Life Productions Western USA Finale PC Specializing in Jazz Ensemble work, transcriptions, MIDI sequence performances from scores. Located in Colorado Springs, CO.
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Jonathan Andrews Bright Light Productions Eastern USA Finale PC Specializing in sacred compilations and orchestrations. Located in Chattanooga, TN.
Mark Burgess Burgess, Mark Eastern USA Finale MAC Engraver for 15 years. Extensive experience in all aspects of engraving including bands, guitar TAB, chorals and educational books. Also experienced with Quark and Illustrator. Employed by Warner Bros. Publications for 6 years. Provided tech support to in-house engraving staff as well as outside engravers and arrangers. Developed templates and libraries currently in use there.
Paul Burrucker Burrucker Enterprises Eastern USA Finale MAC I have been a professional music composer/writer for 25 years and have utilized the power of the Mac and Finale for 11 years as notational tools. I also extensively use QuarkXPress, Illustrator and PageMaker which enables me to meet the requisites for any music related typesetting project.
Greg Buttars Buttars Music Copying Service Western USA Finale MAC I have 15 years experience as a music copyist, orchestrator, and conductor. I began my career as a hand copyist and learned all the rules and preferences of the studio musician which I then applied to the computer. I have worked on over 800 film score and album projects. I have also done a great deal of engraving for publishing. Located in Orem, Utah.
David Butterworth David Butterworth Western Europe Finale MAC I am an experienced musician and copyist, fluent in all aspects of computer generated music preparation. Please visit my website to view my client list, credits, full contact details, and download pdf examples. Located in London, England.
Bryan and Heather Doughty BVD Press Eastern USA Finale and Sibelius MAC We engrave anything from a single sheet to full orchestra. From classical music to jazz. Located in New London, CT.
David Fetherolf BYTEMUSIC Eastern USA SCORE PC Will also use Sibelius (PC), but why bother? Nothing beats SCORE. 15+ years of use at BYTEMUSIC and still going strong. Scores/parts/printing, etc. Rates commensurate with experience. Located in New York, NY.