Gardner Read: Thesaurus of Orchestral Devices
Gardner Read: Thesaurus of Orchestral Devices Gardner Read: Thesaurus of Orchestral Devices

"In a lifetime of reading musical books, I have never got such a jolt as I have reading... [this]. The organization is certainly a masterpiece both of scholarship and ingenuity. Read's contribution will remain a cornerstone among the world's reference works. A truly monumental accomplishment, perfectly executed." Rudolph Elie, Boston Herald.

From the Foreword by Aaron Copland...
"This book represents that rare thing in musical scholarship - a "first time anywhere."
The present volume is unique in that it summarizes and lists illustrations of hundreds of orchestral devices, thereby making it possible as never before for the student to survey the whole field of orchestration. It was a man-sized job, and it took Gardner Read's meticulous and persistent mind, and his composer's intimate knowledge of the orchestra and its potentialities, to carry it out successfully.
With a minimum of text and a maximum of example the author makes it possible for the music student and all others interested in orchestral craft to examine devices, from the most common to the most recondite, that may be found in the published scores of a wide variety of composers."

Hardback, 631 pages, Greenwood Press Reprint (of the 1953 edition) - 2006. ISBN: 0-8371-1884-0.

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