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  • Essential Dictionary of Music Notation by Tom Gerou and Linda Lusk Paperback, pocket-sized - 352 pages. Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. - 1996.
  • Standard Music Notation Practice by the Music Publishers' Association, Music Educators National Conference Booklet - 20 pages. MPA - 1993. This item is no longer available in print but it is available online at Standard Music Notation Practice. We've replaced it in our book bundle with the following item.
  • The New Elson's Pocket Music Dictionary by Prof. Louis C. Elson Paperback, pocket-sized - 208 pages. Theodore Presser. 2009. ISBN 1-59806-220-4.
  • Music Engraving Today by Steve Powell Paperback - 249 pages, 2nd Edition. Brichtmark - 2007. ISBN(10) 0-9658910-2-X, ISBN(13) 0-978-9658910-2-8.
  • Teach Yourself The Art of Music Engraving & Processing by Ted Ross on CD-ROM CD-ROM - 278 pages, 3rd Edition. npc Imaging, 2001, ISBN 0-9706231-1-9.
  • Handbook of Instrumentation by Andrew Stiller Paperback - 533 pages, 2nd Edition. Kallisti Music Press - 1994. ISBN 0964543109.
  • Music Notation in the Twentieth Century, (A practical guidebook) by Kurt Stone Paperback - 357 pages. W W Norton & Co. - 1980.

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