Bill Purse: Finale Primer
The Finale Primer, 3rd Edition THE FINALEŽ PRIMER - 3RD EDITION Mastering the Art of Music Notation with Finale by Bill Purse

Paperback - 276 pages, fully-updated 3rd Edition. Backbeat Books - Nov. 2004.

From the publisher...

Fully updated for Finale 2005, this book remains the definitive guide for understanding and using this powerful, state-of-the-art music notation software. Finale's wide range of capabilities yields a steep learning curve, but The Finale Primer guides users through the powerful intricacies of Finale 2005 one step at a time. This hands-on book assists with all facets of music preparation - whether transcribing an existing piece of music or creating an original work - and helps maximize the benefits of Finale's invaluable capabilities in editing, reformatting, and reorganizing musical material.

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