Music Engraving and Printing Music Engraving and Printing: Historical and Technical Treatise by William Gamble

Hardback - 277 pages, Reprint Edition. Ayer Company Publishers, North Stratford, NH - 2000. ISBN: 0-405-08549-4.

The Grove Dictionary of Music calls attention to Gamble's work as an important technical history, one in which every aspect of the process of music printing is described. From the origins of typographic printing, through each step of the process to "modern" photo-mechanical techniques. Profusely illustrated. Originally published in London in 1923.

N.B. This is not a "how-to" guide like The Art of Music Engraving & Processing by Ted Ross, rather a historical document describing the processes involved in creating printed music over 50 years before the first computer-derived notation. If you think music notation software can be frustrating, this makes you appreciate what was involved before...

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