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Essential Dictionary of Music Notation
Essential Dictionary of Orchestration
Essential Dictionaries: Boxed Set (3 titles)
Berklee Music Press
Finale - An Easy Guide to Music Notation
Music Notation by Mark McGrain
Treatise on Instrumentation
*NEW* Instrumentation and Orchestration *NEW*
Music Notation by Computer
CENGAGE Learning
*NEW* A selection of books from CENGAGE Learning *NEW*
Die Praxis des Notengraphikers
Four book bundle - Instrumentation and Orchestration
Dover miniature scores
Dover full-size scores
DSCH Publications
New Collected Works of Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphonies
String Quartets of Dmitri Shostakovich
Duncan, Bill
Finale Productivity v. 5.0
Elson, Louis
*NEW* The New Elson's Pocket Music Dictionary *NEW*
Essential titles - New book bundle
Essential titles for music notation
Music Engraving and Printing: Historical and Technical Treatise
Hearing and Writing Music
*NEW* Behind Bars *NEW*
The Norton Manual of Music Notation
Johnson (Tom, Mark)
*NEW* MusicPro Guide: Finale 2010 *NEW*
*NEW* Finale 2011: A Trailblazer Guide *NEW*
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Bill Duncan's Finale Productivity v. 5.0 now available! Also bundled with our Stiller and Ross CDs for only $199!


We've put together a new bundle of Essential titles for music notation
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The Art of Music Engraving and Processing by Ted Ross
now available on CD-ROM...

The second in a series of music reference CD-ROMs from npc imaging!

Only $24.95 + shipping.

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...bundled with our first CD-ROM, Andrew Stiller's Handbook of Instrumentation, for only $59.95 (normally $64.90).
Miscellaneous titles (via Amazon)
Beyond Midi : The Handbook of Musical Codes
Structured Document Image Analysis
Handbook of Character Recognition and Document Image Analysis
Advances in Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition
Maximum MIDI : Music Applications in C++
Das Schriftbild der neuen Musik
Standard Music Notation Practice
Music Sales - Absolute Beginners Series (book/DVD/CD combos)
Absolute Beginners: Alto Saxophone
Absolute Beginners: Bass Guitar
Absolute Beginners: Guitar
Absolute Beginners: Drums
Absolute Beginners: Keyboard
*NEW 2nd ed.* Music Engraving Today *NEW 2nd ed.*
The NotePad Primer
The PrintMusic Primer
The Finale Primer
Read, Gardner
*NEW* Thesaurus of Orchestral Devices *NEW*
*NEW* Commemorative Read 6-book bundle *NEW*
Music Notation
Pictographic Score Notation
Compendium of Modern Instrumental Techniques
20th-Century Microtonal Notation
Source Book of Proposed Music Notation Reforms
Orchestral Combinations
The Art of Music Engraving and Processing (CD-ROM)
Ross/Stiller 2-CD and book+CD bundles
The Art of Music Engraving and Processing
& Handbook of Instrumentation
(2 CD-ROM and book/CD-ROM bundles)
Rudolph and Leonard
Sibelius: A Comprehensive Guide to Sibelius Music Notation Software
Handbook of Instrumentation (CD-ROM/book)
Music Notation in the Twentieth Century