Complete Works for Solo Piano Complete Works for Solo Piano by Frederic Chopin

Over 1100 Pages! Every technical level - from "beginner" to "virtuoso" - is included. Contains 25 Preludes, 20 Nocturnes, 51 Mazurkas, 11 Polonaises, 15 Waltzes, 27 Etudes, 4 Ballades, 4 Scherzos, 4 Impromptus, 3 Sonatas, 16 misc. works, the 2 Concertos, 4 works for Piano and Orchestra. Editions used are from the catalogs of Peters, Breitkopf and Härtel, G. Schirmer, C. Fischer, G. Ricordi and others. A great reference, with many unfamiliar works to explore.

Version 2.0 adds articles Chopin and Piano from the 1911 edition of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

Table of Contents

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