Bach Cantatas
Bach Cantatas J S Bach The Complete Church Cantatas - Double CD set.

Over 5600 Pages! Contains the vocal scores to 199 Bach Church Cantatas. Also includes an indispensable alphabetical index to help in locating specific titles. There are six CDs in this series; a comprehensive library of all Major Choral Works written up to 1922. The others are: Bach: Major Choral Works - Handel: Major Choral Works - Haydn, Mozart & Beethoven: Major Choral Works - Brahms, Schubert & Mendelssohn: Major Choral Works and Major Choral Works: 1550-1922.

Version 2.0 adds articles on J. S. Bach and related articles from the 1911 edition of Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

Table of Contents

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